Min tur til Antarktis

Siste jeg var på langtur gikk jeg på bena rundt Anapurna i Nepal. Nå er det på tide med en lang skitur igjen: Verdens vakreste skitur er det visstnok, fra Patriot Hills til Mount Vinson! Æ glær mæ . . .

Tilbake i Punta Arenas

MinerydningPosted by Kristin Moe-Krohn Tue, January 08, 2008 17:50:55
Today at 7.15 Chile time we landed in Punta Arenas, and I tell you the shower/bath in the hotel was mighty good! We are flying out tonight at 04.50 and proceeding to Paris and Norway tomorrow afternoon. ETA in Oslo around 14.30. It has been a fantastic experience and a beautiful and challengings adventure that takes some time to digest. But first of all: I look forward to coming home to my loved ones, back to work and normal life! Happy new Year everybody and thanks for the support!

Klemmer/hugs fra Kristin

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Today maybe?

MinerydningPosted by Kristin Moe-Krohn Tue, December 04, 2007 14:40:02
Tuesday 4. December: Excitement is increasing - rumours say that the conditions are looking good. We are getting information any minute now.Yesterday evening we had a great barbeque meal with a bunch of people who will be climbing Mt Vinson. One of the guys, Lance from England, just bought a river in Amazonas! Amazing ...

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We are still here

MinerydningPosted by Kristin Moe-Krohn Mon, December 03, 2007 21:38:22

Just came back form a visit to the penguins, small chilean penguins - leg high an very neatly dresses of course - penguins allways are! Next update is at 6 pm - that is in half an hour, and rumours go that it might be possible to land but then again, it may not be enough visibility. Oh well - vamos a ver! Randi and I missed lunch today because of the penguin trip - it took like 4 hours all together. A nice drive from Punta into the very vast Patagonia landscape. We met a bunch of cows on the road with 2 "cowboys" on horse - in Argentina they would have been gauchos, I will look up the Chilean word - and priobably about 8 dogs getting the herdle out of the way. Mooo . . . .When we got bak we went to a nearby supermercado and got some empanadas. Cheap and tasty! Keep your fingers crossed for a rapid departure! :-)) Kristin

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Baggage has left

MinerydningPosted by Kristin Moe-Krohn Sun, December 02, 2007 21:58:44

Sunday 6 pm: Well, now the luggage is about to be loaded into to the aircraft. We are preparing the route, identifying way points and storing them into the Garmin GPS, sponsored by Belanor. I realize that I get in a serious mood doing this. I have lots of respect for the challenge and we need not to make any mistakes. We will get further advise from Mike Sharp, station manager in Patriot Hills, with the longest experience in Antarctic expeditions. Lars: Hvitserk-kalenderne vel overbragt - meget populaert! Lot of starange feelings running through my system. This is definetely a different ski trip!Maybe we' re off tomorrow. We are on standby from now on . . .Stay tuned! store klemmer fra Kristin

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God morgen

MinerydningPosted by Kristin Moe-Krohn Sun, December 02, 2007 13:11:48

It's a beautiful day . . . Sun is out, I have had breakfast and in an hour we're going to a meeting with ALE to here more about flying in, etc. We have read thoroughly all instructions, our bags are packed and we are more or less ready to go. I feel the excitement in my body and I am eager to get started. Kryss fingrene for null forsinkelser! Lets hope for no delay! I report later after the meeting! :-))

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In Punta Arenas!

MinerydningPosted by Kristin Moe-Krohn Fri, November 30, 2007 15:02:38

Friday! I have decided to update my blog in English so that relatives and friends in other countries can understand! I was extremely busy at work before I left Norway on Wedensday. After 34 hours travel I feel good, I nights sleep, a shower and breakfast with Chilean coffee has done wonders! The sun is shining here and it' s nice temperature, not too warm, we are wearing our Brynje fleece jackets. We' re in Hotel Condor del Plata which obviously is a polar travellers hotel. Very nice! Today we will organise and pack our food, buy the rest of our supplies (my Norwegian raisins never got through customs in Santiago, "raisins are not alowed in Chile" they said, neither did the dried mushroms that I got from Helen to brighten up our Christmas eve drytech (sic!). A minor problem actually! We are all in good mood, and it feels nice that our adventure has started. Sunday or Monday we will fly into the ice if weather conditions are OK. Our route is Patriot Hills to the Vinson Massif and then we will climb Mount Vinson. 270 K skiing and the peak is 4987 meter above sealevel. I have brought the book "Tusen straalende soler" by Khaled Hossaini. We are as you know, doing fundraising for minesweeping in Afghanistan, and it feels right to read a book from Afghanistan. More later! Stay tuned!

Hugs Kristin

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